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Talk about Attachment Parenting

You and your mother have a more complicated relationship than even your therapist understands.  In every pregnancy, brought to term or not, the mother and child exchange a small amount of cells that stay in each other’s bodies for life.  Scientists have been observing the behavior of these left-behind cells for years, but the reason for them is still mysterious.

Dr. Johnson says cells from fetal boys and girls have been found in mothers “four to five decades following the last pregnancy.” That fetus may have grown into a middle aged pharmacist, and still his cells are inside his mother. Cells wouldn’t persist in foreign body for NO reason. They must be doing something, but what?

Robert Krulwich explains.

94 Elements is a series of short documentary films about human encounters with the chemical elements.  The project is directed by Mike Patterson and will include the work of new and experienced filmmakers from around the world.  Patterson is raising support on Indiegogo.  

We want to tell the backstories of all the stuff we use in our daily lives - Where does it come from? How is it used? How much is left? Through a playful and creative, multi-faceted project we’ll create a unique and intimate picture of our relationships with our resources in the 21st century.


Mary Roach’s reporting in Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers is thorough and highly engaging.  But one question remains unanswered:  How did she get through the entire book without a Weekend at Bernie’s reference?